Saturday, May 18, 2019

Freak-a-boo (Season 2, Episode 4)

     Thickums panted as she rocked her hips back and forth slowly on my face. I slurped up the rest of her juices as she fell on her back onto the bed, a smile covering her gorgeous face. She is now in the perfect position for me to get my freak on with my personal freak some more. I was introduced to tribbing through watching ebony lesbian porn but of course never experienced how awesome it is until I met my chocolate baby Coco. She made every new experience a very memorable one and I am always looking to create more memories and moments with her. I climbed on top of my same sex lover, straddling her like she has a dick that I'm about to ride. I put a nipple that resembles a Hershey milk chocolate kiss into my mouth as our clits touched. A sensation rushed through my body from my head to my toes, causing the hairs on my skin to stand up. I have chill bumps but I'm far from cold. Thickums always makes me so hot.

     I take turns with her nipples to show them both attention meanwhile our pussies are grinding and bumping nice and slow and getting wet as our sweet nectar mixes like sugar and kool aid. The love that we make is red and lemonade kool aid mixed together, the best way to drink it. Her swollen pussy feels amazing against my throbbing pussy as I feel that first rush. A moan fills the entire space as my pussy juices cover her pussy like the blanket with the sleeves you see advertised on t.v.

     "Damn Indiya baby that feels so wet and warm. Gimme all that shit," Thickums crooned in my ear sounding so sweet.

     Just like she was feeling now, it felt so good when she poured her honey on me. That's why I wanted her to squirt on me earlier instead of in my mouth although that is always the next best thing.

     "You feel so damn good my pretty baby," I responded as I traveled back down south to get a taste of us together.

     Coco arched her back as I sucked, kissed, and licked on her pussy yet again. I can't help myself, I love the way that she tastes and I love the way that her body reacts to what I'm doing to her. I understand exactly how men feel and why they become possessive. I don't want to think about her doing none of what we do with no one but me and Mello. I'm going to fuck a bitch up period. I'm loyal to only them and I'll do whatever it takes to keep our relationship strong. As of right now, I know that I'm the only one that they are involved with. We are in a very committed relationship and I love the way things are between us.

     I indulge on the hot fudge dessert in front of me for a minute more, making sure that she gives me a facial and that my face is covered with the best nutrients. I want to smell her while we fuck some more, her scent is strong on my upper lip. I climb back on top of her in a criss cross, scissor type position, our legs look like the letter X. I grab her ankles as I rub my fat clit on hers and rock my hips back and forth and side to side. Both of us are moaning as the smell of the food that my sexy love was cooking before I decided to eat her gets stronger. It is now that I realize my handsome face lover has arrived and picked up where my thick lover left off in the kitchen. I knew that eventually he would be joining us because he isn't the type of man to be occupied with other things, especially cooking, when his beautiful girlfriend's are fucking within eyesight.

     "You gonna cum for me baby and then you gonna cum for Mello because he's home now," I said as I smiled at her.

"Yes baby and I'm about to give you want right now," she screamed out.

     Our clits rubbed some more as she screamed and I removed my pussy so that she can squirt all over me like I wanted from the jump. Her sticky sweet honey drowned my skin just as Handsome joined us in the area of the studio apartment that we are in. I rub her clit some more gently with my thumb to stimulate her since I took my clit away. She blows a kiss at me before looking at him and we both smile at him seductively. He smiles back.

     "Daddy wants some," is all that he says.

     That's all that he ever has to say and we will never deny him. If one of us has our menstrual cycle, the other steps up for the both of us so he is never without pussy or head. We totally forgot about the food that was prepared for us with love. And now that my Handsome has joined us, it was about to go down so dinner will bet later. I can see his rock hard dick through his Jordan basketball shorts and I get excited about feeling it filling me. I didn't want to be greedy but they both make my sexual appetite intense and no one can satisfy my cravings and urges but them. I swear before I met them I was boring and settled for masturbating to porn and having sex only if God blessed me with a man. I was never one for casual sex and I've never went as far with anybody as I have with the two of them. I'm happy as hell right now basking in this ambiance that they put me in and I know that Mello is about to make me much happier....


Thursday, April 18, 2019

Freak-a-boo (Season 2, Episode 3)

     The smell of fried chicken, cornbread, and collard greens filled my pierced nostrils as I entered my lover's apartment which has become my sanctuary over the weeks. I find myself being here more than I am at my own place even though we live so close, literally a hop, skip, and jump away. I only go home after work to shower and change clothes and to get ready for work. I am home only two to three days out of the week. I don't mind though as long as they don't mind and I know they don't mind.

     "It smells bomb in here boo," I greeted my chocolate coated big booty girlfriend by smacking her on it. "You definitely know how to take care of home." She is butt ass naked, her deep Brown skin glowing, and I don't know if I want to taste her first or the dinner that she is whipping up.

     "I'm going to always take care of you baby because you make me feel so good. I gotta keep you." Thickums whispered seductively in my ear and started kissing on my neck as goosebumps rose on my baby soft skin.

     Say what you want because I'm a grown ass woman but I wash my body with Johnson & Johnson baby wash, lavender, vanilla and oatmeal, all of them. It makes my skin feel hella soft and leaves behind a fresh scent. Plus, the gentle formula is gentle on my pussy and Coco and Mello never complain. Nor has anyone before them; there isn't going to be anyone after them I'm sure. Thickums makes me feel so good too, better than most men I've dealt with. I love dick accompanied by a sexy face and good stroke but she pays attention to me in ways that a man doesn't, even our fine ass lover who hasn't graced us with his presence yet. I never in a million years would've ever thought that I'd be in a whole relationship with another woman and actually loving it. I love everything about what I have with Coco and sex with her is enough for me that she satisfies me. Mello might be the bonus but I fuck with him heavy too. My gorgeous lady lover gazed at me deep.

     "You so fuckin gorgeous."

     I had to let her know as much as possible so that the next bitch don't make her feel better than I do. Thickums is my prized possession, my gem, my lost treasure, and now that I've found her I'm not letting her go. I can't see myself being with any other woman the way that I am with her. It is definitely something special about her like her pussy got heroine in it or something. Whatever it is, I'm hooked.

     "I'm trying to cook and feed my babies but you're making me want to ride your face baby," my Thickums whined.

     She is standing here in front of me without any clothes on and expecting me to not want to sip on her wine until she can't take it anymore and just goes to sleep. She couldn't be more wrong. I am definitely about to give her what she wants and let her ride my face like a stallion.

     "What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't give you what you wanted?" I quizzed joking seriously.

     I take her hand and lead her through the cozy space that I find a lot of comfort in. Before she can even say anything I push her onto her bed that has so many stories to tell about the two and three of us. I jump onto the bed in between her thighs like I'm going deep sea diving. As wet as Thickums gets you might as well say that. And I love the way her juices taste. She really is sweet, it's amazing. My tongue went dancing on her clitoris as she began to grind her hips on my face. I want to taste every part of her pussy so I take my tongue from her fat ass and lick all the way up to her thick lips and throbbing clit. I slurp her clit up like hot soup on a snow day as two of my fingers find their way to her g-spot. I can feel her pussy walls tighten around my fingers as I gently massage the spongy part that is in every woman's pussy and just has to be found. Coco is creaming on my fingers as I massage her clit with my tongue. Nothing brings me more pleasure than making Thickums and Handsome cum and feel good because they always do the same for me.

     Just because my sexy lover is cumming doesn't mean I'm going to stop my oral assault on her delicious pussy. She said she wants to ride my face so she still has to do that. And I want to make her cum some more so that I could taste some more of her essence.

     "Brang that ass hurr girl, now, get here," I demand as she shivered. She knows exactly what I want her to do right now.

     And just like my good lil baby that she is, she bites her bottom lip as she crawls across the bed toward where I am now laying. My mouth is open and ready for the feast that only she can fill me with. Thickums mounts my face like an equestrian mounting an award winning horse. I grab two handfuls of ass and shove more of her sweet pussy into my mouth to encourage her to go crazy. I want her to squirt all over me and drown me in her shit. She now has a grip on my hair as she grinds hard and fast on my face. She made sure that I couldn't go anywhere until she filled my mouth with all of her succulent goodness. She is holding my head as she drags her dripping wet pussy across my tongue and lips. Her moans are loud and turning me on even more.

     "Fuck Indiya! Fuck your mouth feels so fuckin good. I am about to fill it up," she teased because I want it in my mouth not now but right now.

     One of my hands, the right one, releases a juicy ass cheek and makes its way to my own clit, massaging it. I am so horny and we are going to be tribbing before this shit is said and done, round one anyway. I applied pressure to my clitoris while Thickums applied pressure to hers with my mouth. I know that she is reaching her peak just as I'm reaching mine because of the way that her body is trembling and shaking. I'm giving us both pleasure but the ultimate pleasure is soon to come. Coco screams out as she squirts all in my mouth, filling it up like I am chugging beer. I swallow to make room for more. I wanted her to cover me in her juices but this is definitely the next best thing. As long as she is satisfied, I am satisfied. I know she isn't satisfied just yet though because she's a big ole freak like me. Our fun was only just beginning....

Friday, April 12, 2019

Freak-a-boo (Season 2, Episode 2)

     I am the happiest woman in the world. Beyonce can have Jay-Z and Blue and they little family. And don't get me wrong, I love Remy and Papoose relationship, but they were no Thickums and Handsome, in my book. Our relationship was too X-rated for regular t.v. and that's what made it so damn beautiful. The looks that we got in public always made me laugh. All of us were in extreme lust with each other so we couldn't keep our hands off of each other, no matter where we were. Mello would be slobbing Coco down while his hand was in my shirt fondling my breasts. Women turned up their noses and men smiled. If those women only knew though, they would love it too. I'm currently in the middle of getting my world rocked by my sexy ass unicorn lovers.

     I just finished making my lady love cum all over her extra soft bedsheets while my daddy love enjoyed the show and now big daddy was showing me how happy I've made him. I was laid back kickin it on my back with his girthy dick jammed inside of my throbbing pussy. He had my toes touching the headboard as he held my ankles to keep me from going anywhere. As if the headboard would allow me to anyway, I like that rough shit though. I was beginning to realize the rougher the sex, the more I loved and wanted it. Mello would tell me that my pussy grip tighter when he is assaulting me while fucking me. "Damn Indy, that mfka got grip grip," my thick dick partner stated as he moved his hands from my ankles and put them around my neck. Told you!

     I did what I knew his fine ass would appreciate and grabbed my ankles for him, spreading my legs wider and opening my flower for him to get even more nectar on his dick from making me cum again. Now that he had my assistance, he started beating my pussy just how he knows I like, want, and need it. My shit is fat, juicy, and wide the fuck open, with his hands still around my throat, he plunged himself as deep as could go into my raging river. He kept that motion like he was in a canoe and stroked hard and deep in and out of my pussy making me cum with each stroke. Literally, I'm cumming with each stroke. I'm so lost in the sauce that I forget about Thickums for a hot second as I open my eyes and see her fuckin herself this time with the same toy. Her bed was big enough for all us to be on it comfortably as we spent many nights together and slept in the same bed butt ass naked. I loved our relationship and the sexual freeness that I and we had.

     I muster up enough strength, while being pounded by Handsome, to reach over and slide my fingers along Coco's pudding, collecting some of it. I inserted them into my mouth, wanting to taste some of her essence again; I could never get enough. Her moans were turning me on and so was Mello's dick. He was feeling so good as he stroked in and out at a fast but steady pace, every inch of him in every inch of me. He is surely rearranging my organs but I'm not complaining at all. The shit is putting me in a daze and giving me a high that I don't ever want to come down from. With a few more paddles in my river, he takes one final deep dive as he releases himself in the warmth of my pussy walls. The power behind his penis punch makes me cum too, again. I moan out in pleasure as my body trembles and shivers. His dick rested on my cervix as the muscles in my pussy contracted around it.

     He collapsed on top of me just as Thickums started moaning and groaning out in her own pleasurable song as her body released it's excitement as well. I am worn out from the assault and battery that I just received but I want to taste the honey that is overflowing from Coco's pot. I never liked for it to go to waste, something so fuckin good, when there were starving people in the world. Shit I was starving too, for Thickums. I grabbed her by the thigh and attempted to pull her towards me, she got the point. She scooted her fat ass across the bed to me and climbed right on top of my face as if she wanted me to make her cum some more. It would be my pleasure. She is facing Mello as he got back upright and began to stroke in my still dripping pussy, he was the type to stay up after a nut and was ready for a round two almost immediately. Handsome was the fuckin truth!

     He's playing in my pussy with his still erect homegrown toy while she is riding my face. I'm in heaven. His pace is just right, he's literally slow grinding in my pussy to the same beat that she is riding my face. I know that they're kissing without even seeing because this is a moment and we're all just that in tune with each other. Thickums is cummin again as am I, she all over my face and me all over our significant other's love rod. I am completely satiated, as I always was with them. She climbed off my face and started licking and kissing her amazingly sweet juices off of my lips and chin. She is so fuckin sexy and I'm already looking forward to the next time that I can see her, them. I don't know who I want more which is why this polyamorous thing has been working for me so far. I want the fuck out of both of them always and they both want the fuck outta me. I've got the best of both worlds and this show wasn't coming to an end any time soon. Through the technical difficulties, even if we have to take a break, we'll be right back next week. This shit is unbreakable....

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Freak-a-boo (Season 2, Episode 1)

     After a very long day at my marketing job, I coordinate and handle projects to try and get company's to let my company market and promote their brand on many avenues such as t.v. and radio, I was more than happy that it was Thursday. The day seemed to have drug. Like when you're anticipating something the day always moves slow until the time that it's suppose to happen. I was glad to finally be headed home.

     The fact that it was Thursday doesn't even matter. Although sometimes I do miss those hot and steamy moments where I watched my new lovers, Coco and Mello, fuck like the world was coming to a end. Those moments helped me to discover myself and come out of my shell. I would've never done anything like what I've done with them together and alone outside off my wildest dreams. I'm so happy that things went down the way that they did because now I had a man AND a woman to call my own. Again, something else that I can only dream of prior to meeting them.

     Yep, me, Thickums and Handsome, are now in a polyamorous relationship. What once started as a few rendevous and romps every Thursday night is now a full blown intimate relationship with more than one partner. And there's total monogamy, so we're only loving and fucking on each other. I'm the only outsider to be let in. And speaking of fucking on each other, I was going home to get ready for a night of fucking and sucking and licking and kissing and some more shit with them. I had just seen them Monday night but I was thirsty for something that only the two of them could quench; I had the best of both worlds in sexy chocolate Coco and handsome caramel Mello. Their names just happened to be ironic.

     We were all busy with our jobs and I eventually learned why I was only able to catch them live in action on Thursdays. Now, however, I saw them at least three nights a week. I know it was going down every single time and they never let me down. I showered and covered my skin with Victoria's Secret Bombshell New York body lotion and followed up with the same scented body mist. I had stopped at a lingerie store earlier in the week and purchased an olive green and light pink lace baby doll and boy short set that I knew they would appreciate.

     One thing about Thickums and Handsome, they always made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world to them. They can never keep their hands off of me when I'm around and most of our time spent alone in private was naked whether it be Netflix and chilling or binge watching our favorite t.v. shows that we we're too busy to watch during their regularly scheduled programming time. We even cooked naked when we didn't go out to eat. They made a girl feel real good. I really don't want or need anyone but the two of them.

     I walked into the large space that was only lit by candles as the lights were turned off; shadows of random items cast off the wall in the candlelight. The smell of vanilla and pear filled the air and I smiled at my lover's attention to detail in preparation for my arrival. When it was just the two of them they never did that so they definitely made me feel like I was their special treasure or something.

     I walked further into the neat and tidy studio apartment when I noticed a sensual and curvaceous shadow on the wall in front of me. I knew that my female lover was close by and no sooner than I thought that did I feel her warm and creamy skin against mine, sending chills up and down my spine; she had that effect on me. Coco kissed me passionately as two of my manicured fingers found their way into her river, twirling in it and making it turn into an ocean almost immediately. It seemed that I had the same effect on her that she had on me, she started trembling and shaking. Maybe it was because of what I did with my mouth to make her feel so good and the anticipation that she got from that. I can tell that she enjoyed it by the way that she moaned and the way that her body moved and shivered when she was filling my throat with her nectar. I could smell her sweet essence start to mask the smell of the candles and I stopped kissing her only to shove my fingers in my mouth this time to taste the nectar that drowned my fingers. It was so sweet and of course I wanted more. I dropped to my knees, resting them on the plush carpet, and covered Thickums juicy pussy with my mouth. I couldn't even get comfortable without a taste of her, I literally crave her. And I knew that soon enough our male lover would join us; I was going to enjoy her while I could.

     I grabbed a handful of her fat ass and pushed more of her pussy into my mouth. My tongue dove deep into her love hole making her squirm and cream some more. I was enjoying her as I always do as my tongue danced in her ballroom a little longer. In a moment, out of my peripheral, I saw our handsome face lover watching us from a dark corner. He gently stroked his dick as it got harder in his strong hands, the silhouette against the candlelight that he was creating made him even sexier. I was glad that he was turned on because the show was just beginning.

     I got up from my knees and led Coco's thick ass to her bed as Mello's eyes stay glued to us, his thick dick still in his hand. Without me even having to tell her, she lay back on the bed and spread that pretty ass pussy wide open for me. It blossomed like The flower that it is. The two of us together had invested in some toys to use with each other for times when our male lover was away and it was just the two of us. His sexy ass had never seen me really fuck her before but he was about to. I gave her pussy a tongue kiss before getting one of our toys from out of her nightstand drawer. I clicked it on, the humming sound almost inaudible as I adjusted the vibration and pulsation to it's lowest setting at first. I gently placed it on her clitoris and I sucked on her pussy lips. She started grinding her hips like she wanted more, turning me on more. I caressed the sex device that had a long curved part for penetration or clitoral simulation and a smaller curved part for clitoral stimulation along her pussy lips, inserting it into her rainforest and pulling it out covered in her cream. I rubbed it back on her clitoris to cover it with her cream before I covered her clit with my mouth. I wanted to taste that shit some more. Now the toy was massaging and vibrating against her pussy walls while I sucked, licked, and kissed on her clit at the same time. I slid the toy in and out, twirling it and twisting it, before increasing the pulsation and vibration.

     Her moans got louder as she neared her orgasm. I had every inch of the ten inch plastic, vibrating dick deep inside her pussy until it couldn't go any deeper, just like I had seen our lover do to her so many times with his dick. I glared seductively at him as he bit his bottom lip and continued to pleasure himself to such a beautiful sight. I returned my attention to Coco's clit as she started grinding her hips harder onto the toy and my face. I let the toy rest on her cervix as I fiddled her clit with my tongue. The toy was at max speed now and massaging the fuck outta her pussy. I looked up as I kept licking and sucking her swollen clit to see the prettiest love faces that I've ever seen, in porn flicks or anything; my new boo was beyond beautiful. I felt her juices running down the part of the toy that was sticking out as she had reached her peak. I slowly removed the cum covered toy and put it in mouth, sucking her juices off of it like it was our handsome lover's dick covered with her goodness. I looked at him again to see him finishing himself off in his own hands after seeing his two bad bitches make love to each other. I had heard his moans too and that turned me on just as much as hers did. The two of them had gotten their fix and now it was my turn. And I always loved that part.....


Monday, March 4, 2019

Freak-a-boo (Season 1, Episode 9)

     The mold of Handsome’s body fit the curves of Coco’s body like a puzzle piece. The way that their bodies connected and intertwined was such a beautiful sight. Her hands were firm against the tile wall as her back arched and her ass fit perfectly in the curve of his pelvis. He had one hand around her neck and the other carressing her breasts. His strokes were deep and slow as he enjoyed the pussy that he so selflessly and generously shared with me. I was beyond thankful and grateful.

     Coco’s moans filled the spacious bathroom as I leaned against the tile wall directly behind them with my fingers dancing in my wet pussy, and not from the shower water. Handsome’s back was so muscular and strong as he used it to force every inch of his dick into her entire body. I had three fingers from one hand inside my hot pussy and two fingers from the other hand rubbing my clit. I got off on both clitotal stimulation and penetration so I was fucking myself good as I watched Handsome fuck Coco good. I found my g-spot just as he turned her around to face him, picking her up and wrapping her legs around his waist and locking them at the ankles. We made eye contact as I began to cum all over my fingers and Coco began cummin all over the dick that she was sweet enough to let me use with her one time, hopefully more. I wondered if her love faces looked like my love faces as we kept our eyes on each other, climaxing and creating a sweet memory together.

     She held on to his fit and in shape body for dear life as he power drilled his dick into her pussy as he used the wall to help keep her from falling. I decided to help the both of them out, I grabbed Coco’s ankles and spread her legs up and out, opening her pussy more and allowing Handsome to go deeper. I held her legs open and he fucked her even harder, pleasing us both. She moaned louder as he  went harder and deeper, letting her arms go from around his neck and grabbing her ankles herself. She wasn’t going to fall though because his stroke now wasn’t long and deep but slow as he kept his dick deep inside of her, massaging her pussy walls. I took advantage of my hands being free as they went idle and found their way to Handsome’s perineum. I masssged it and his balls as he he kept digging deep in Coco’s guts, standing on his tiptoes to get the job done. Coco was screaming his name now, Mello, telling him how good his dick was feeling and that she was cummin, again.

     Mello wrapped his hands around her body, holding on to her and taking her with him as he turned himself around, putting his back on the wall this time. He found his position to keep himself from falling as he kept Coco tight on his dick. She leaned back, her back almost parallel to the shower floor as she grabbed my arms for more support. With my help now, Handsome, I mean Mello, deep and long stroked in her pussy as he held her by her hips. With much ease, like they had done it before, he fucked her her just like that for a few minutes until he filled her uterus with their love child, only after making her cum over and over again. And just like that it was over. The shower water flowed over their bodies as they stood under the flow, her body still in his arms and his dick still in her pussy. My fantasy was over and I didn’t want it to be.

     I didn’t know what to say or do so I just blurted something out to make me less uncomfortable. “Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy, both of you,” I smiled at the stunning couple, with and without clothes on. They both smiled back at me in unison before Coco responded. “And thank you for doing the same for us.” They looked at each other before she continued talking. “There is one more fantasy that we have.” A smile painted across my face as I filled with joy. I was going to get another night with them and I was more than ready....

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Freak-a-boo (Season 1, Episode 8 )

     My legs were weak as I walked towards the bathroom where my lovers now were. I still couldn't believe that the shit that was happening was happening. I only dreamed about shit like this, and watched it in porn flicks. Never did I imagine that I would be a part of something like this. Am I a swinger!? If this was the lifestyle then I was down with it as long as the couple was as sexy and inviting as Coco and Handsome. My mind was everywhere; would this be the only opportunity that I would get with them? As much as I didn't want it to end, I was going to make the best of it like it would end.

     Coco started kissing me immediately as soon as I walked into the bathroom. I tasted myself on her lips still and nibbled on her bottom lip gently, making her laugh. She tasted as good as I do and I didn't get my fill of her yet because of Handsome stealing my soul and what not. I squatted while still on my feet and placed her thick and smooth thigh onto my shoulder, grabbing two handfuls of her fat ass cheeks for balance and to keep her pussy on my face. Her clit blossomed like a flower in my mouth as her nectar covered my lips. She tasted so fuckin good that the pleasure was more mine for getting to divulge and indulge in something so exquisite.  She grabbed my head and dug her pussy harder onto my face as my tongue went deeper into her love below. I felt the warmth of her cream filling in my mouth as her body shivered and shaked. I sucked, licked, kissed, and nibbled on her pussy like it was hot lemon pepper wings, all flats, with ranch dressing.

     I was so lost in Coco's sauce, literally she was drowning me, that I wasn't even paying attention to Handsome and what he was doing. I heard the shower water cut on and the next thing I knew, he was behind me, grabbing me by the hips to raise my lower half off of the floor. I lowered Coco's thigh slowly so that her pussy wouldn't fall out of my mouth; she tasted too good to just stop knowing I may never taste pussy this good again. I kept my whole mouth on her whole pussy as Handsome slid in my soaking wet twat from behind. I was standing up but bending over for the strawberry cheesecake that I was feasting on so he was going deep and hitting all kinds of spots that ain't never been hit before or not in a long while. He held me tight and close on his dick so I wouldn't fall and I held her the same way so that she wouldn't fall. I wondered then how we looked together at that moment knowing that it was a beautiful sight. I suddenly regretted not setting my phone up in my apartment and making sure the blinds were open to record the bedroom action at least. I definitely thought about it. 

     Once again, I couldn't focus on the task at hand because of the dick that was stroking inside of my sea of love at the perfect pace, just right. I started grabbing my ankles and put my head between my legs, opening my pussy more to invite him in more. I felt every inch of his massive dick inside my vagina. He more than fit as I was kinda tight on his dick like a snug condom. Coco was blessed, lucky, and everything else of the like that she got dick like this on the regular. He fucked her good and he fucked me good too so he a nigga that was just blessed with good dick. Sis was lucky and right now, so was I. 

     I came a few times in just a few minutes of Handsome slow stroking me and Coco watching us. I loved the energy and vibes that they both gave off, like they both wanted me and enjoyed me being there. It kept me turned on the entire time that I was with them. Handsome slowly slid out of me and took my hand in his, sending more chills through my body. He led me to the huge walk-in shower with Coco close behind. He gave me the sexiest look and bit his bottom lip before aggressively grabbing Coco by her neck and pushing her up against the now moist wall, turning her around. Like an obedient child she placed her hands on the tile wall in front of her, bracing herself for Handsome and his dick. I knew that they were going to let me into their world for a minute and give me another great show so I trailed my pink and white ombre manicured nails down my neck, breasts, stomach, to my pussy as the first moan escaped her lips....

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Freak-a-boo (Season 1, Episode 7)

     Here I was, standing in between the two people that had my mind and body on lock for weeks now without even touching me. It was my fantasy having them both standing there with me, a dream come true, literally. I almost didn't know how to act but I felt like Charlie when he found the golden ticket inside his Willy Wonka chocolate bar. In this case, Coco was the chocolate bar and Handsome was the golden ticket. I had them both right at mt finger tips. A lump formed in my throat and I couldn't speak but for some reason, the moment just felt like no words were even needed at all. Coco and Handsome were so fine, my pussy got wetter the moment that she opened the door and I seen her in all of her flesh. 

     She finally grabbed my hand and led me inside, Handsome following us and closing the door behind him. I had butterflies in my stomach still, even though Handsome just gave me the best head that I think I ever had. I needed to relax, my nerves were getting the best of me. "Can I get a shot of whatever you got that's strong?" I needed something to calm my nerves because shit was getting real. The more liquor that I had in my system, the more relaxed I would be. Now that I was here, there was no going back, not that I wanted too anyway. I just needed to ease the tension that was building up in me. Coco smiled at me before walking off to fulfill my request. 

     I was alone again with Handsome and that in itself was a tease, especially now since I knew what that mouth do. He must've read my mind; he inserted his fingers into the hole that he was just penetrating with his grand tongue and started swirling them around. He removed his fingers from my flower and placed them in his mouth, tasting more of my nectar. I bit my bottom lip seductively as I stared at him. He was just as sexy and captivating as our lover Coco, doing a great job of holding my attention like she had. He inserted two fingers once more, making them dance in my honey, before pulling them out again. Coco was back with three shot glasses and this time he stuck his fingers into her mouth. She smiled and licked her lips at the taste of my essence. I loved that they were so nasty.

     I grabbed one of the shot glasses from her and downed it. Coco laughed and offered me her shot, which I took and downed that one too. I was feeling better already. It tasted like Henny and was doing it's job to relax me already. Handsome made his way over to the bed with Coco's thick, fine ass not far behind. I figured that I would watch them for a while before joining them, just to give the liquor more time to take effect. They didn't mind either, as they carried on like I wasn't even in there with them. I noticed that the blinds that I always watched them through were closed this time. I wondered if she did that for me, to keep other neighbors from seeing me as well. I don't know but I think I kind of like the idea of being watched now, especially with the two sexy people that I was currently in the presence of. The thought of her thinking about me and my comfort turned me on even more. It made me feel like they really wanted me there with them and comfortable being their lover. 

     I let my fingers dance slowly in my pussy as I watched Coco lying on her back with Handsome between her thick thighs stroking in and out of her pretty pussy. He had her legs by the ankles and spread wide for me to see how deep every stroke went. I continued touching, rubbing, and caressing myself as I walked around the bed, watching him rock her world from every angle. The sight was much more beautiful in person and I couldn't wait to get in on the action, I was so excited. 

     I decided to turn things up a level by climbing onto the bed and playing with Coco's fat ass clit while Handsome threw every single inch of his big ass dick inside of her body. His strokes slowed down as we both watched him enter and exit her rain forest, cream flowing from her treasure chest like a river. I gently rubbed her clit a little more before I couldn't take it anymore and wanted to taste the cream that was covering Handsome's dick. I got into a comfortable position, Coco's juicy pussy pulsating right in my face. I can see her clit throbbing as she was releasing again from Handsome making her cum so hard. I wanted to taste that shit, so I did. I started licking and sucking on her clit before taking my tongue and licking her pussy down to his dick and along the shaft of it to taste everything that she poured on him. She tasted just as good as she looked. They both moaned in unison at the warmth of my mouth. 

     I sucked on her clit some more as Handsome continued to stroke in and out, giving me more cream filling from Coco's Twinkie to lick up. I guess Coco felt left out and wanted to give pleasure in our beautiful little mix as well, she grabbed me by my ass and pulled my body towards her. I had no idea what she wanted to do with me or what she wanted to do but I let her have her way with me. I loved the connection that Coco and Handsome shared, like he knew exactly what she wanted exactly when she wanted it. He shoved his dick deep into her pussy walls and let it sit on what I was sure was her uterus because his dick disappeared. He lifted me up and sat my dripping twat onto her moist mouth. I think I died and went to heaven in that moment. Her mouth felt just as good as his as her tongue fiddled with my clit this time. 

     I grinded my hips on her face slowly as Handsome and I looked deep into each other's eyes, like we were trying to read each other's minds. I licked my lips before I lowered my body and took advantage of his dick not being in her pussy as he stroked out. I covered it with my mouth as the cream that also covered it covered my lips. I twerked my ass on her face as he stroked his dick in my mouth as deep as my throat would allow it to go. I inserted two fingers into Coco's honey jar and played in it as she sucked the fuck outta my pussy and I sucked the fuck outta Handsome's dick. Moans and groans filled the room as he stroked harder and deeper in my mouth and I grinded harder on her face. Before I knew that I was having an orgasm, I was having one. It scared me at first because I didn't know how hard I came in her mouth but she didn't stop me or try to get me off of her. I was in bliss.

     Handsome picked me up from off of her face and flipped me over onto my hands and knees. I was now on top of Coco, facing her in all of the beauty that she possessed from head to toe, literally, and everything in between. Her pussy was blossoming like a flower, letting me know that it was loving the attention that we were giving her, so I gave her some more. I caressed her breasts and nipples as I dove head first into her ocean. Moans left her mouth as she grabbed my hair, inviting me to have as much of her to feast on as I wanted. Of course, I took advantage of it as Handsome took advantage of my fat ass being right there in his face. He spread my ass cheeks and slid himself into the comforts of my walls; he must've heard them calling his name because I wanted to feel him fill me the moment that he orally assaulted my pussy in the hallway. 

     His stroke was so deep and strong, my knees got weak immediately. I could barely focus on enjoying the feast in front of me, he was feeling so good. Handsome must've knew or noticed my struggle so he did us both a favor. This nigga pushed my back all the way down into the bed, nothing but face down and ass up for him, dug his shit deep into my chest, and leaned over my back to finish what I had started with Coco. Now he was fucking me hard and deep and eating her pussy at the same time. This nigga was a beast and I was loving every fucking second of it. I didn't want it to end at all. 

     I started picturing me being their sex slave every week. I had never done something so sexually drastic and here I was not wanting it to be over and for it to keep happening. With each and every one of Handsome's deep strokes, I felt that rush getting closer, and Coco's moans were getting louder as well as if she was close to her climax too. The pleasure was immense and not just from the stroke of his perfect dick. In unison, we all screamed out in bliss as I squirted all over the sheets like I had wanted and Coco's juices filled his mouth and his sticky mix covered my ass cheeks. I wanted to be in this moment with them forever. I hated for it to end. And just when I started to sulk, Handsome got up off of the bed and walked towards the bathroom, signalling for Coco and I to join him....